Detoxify your life of plastics

zero waste jars

61Plastic is in a lot of items we use on a daily basis. Especially in the kitchen. Since plastics are often made from oil, it’s better for the planet to choose other materials when possible. It’s also safer for your health, since some plastics contain harmful chemicals like bisphenol A and BPA.

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2. Back to bar soap

Soap always used to be soap, you know in a bar, not all this fancy bottled stuff. But now it’s so easy to fall for the luxurious liquid in its cute bottle with oh-so-convenient pump action. So, I’d like to pay homage to the simple bar of natural soap. Because this humble slab not only helps reduce plastic waste, but also minimises chemicals going into our water and into our bodies.

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1. Avoid plastic bottles

Sodas, mineral water and juices on the go. You know the drill. Yes it’s convenient. And in some countries even necessary, since the tap water is not drinkable (which is really sad when you think about it). But even here in Sweden, where we are fortunate enough to have excellent tap water we still buy a lot of bottled water. Why? How is there even a market for this? Maybe on the go, but even then. With a little planning you’d be just fine without it.

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