Go for simple sports with less equipment

64Sports is something that connects people. It’s a way for the modern human to get to know new people and socialize. It can also be resource heavy both for the wallet and the planet. And in these times, we need to look into every possible aspect to save the planet.

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Click green to support clean energy

62Going digital and streaming instead of buying cd:s, dvd:s and books is an switch that’s considered to be eco-friendly (and who buys dvd:s these days anyways?). But make sure to stream your music and video from sites who run on clean energy.

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Don’t be a trashy tourist

101-numbersThe increased traveling is probably something that brings us closer together as humans, but it also poses new challenges when it comes to the environment. But there are some things we can do to help reduce our impact on a personal level.

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43. Get your green game on

woman holding a playstation remote

Electronic waste is a huge contributor to landfills around the globe. With the rising popularity of video games and new consoles continuously introduced to the market,this is becoming a growing problem.

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39. Take care of your health

woman running on bridge

Staying healthy for the sake of the planet? How does that work? Well, most things that are healthy for you are also healthy for the planet. If you get sick, traditional health care and pharmaceuticals are heavy on resources and generate toxic, sometimes even radioactive waste.

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36. Sunbathe safely

Girl in the sun

Summer is arriving in the northern part of the planet. Protecting yourself against the sun is important, but be sure to do it in a way that is safe both for you and the planet.

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28. Go on staycation

Girl with bicycle

Summer is approaching, and a lot of people are planning their vacations. A cheap and fun way to enjoy some free time is to simply stay at home. This also means true relaxation since you don’t need to plan or pack anything. You can just be.

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20. Advocate green aviation

airplane wing in clouds

Airplanes are simply amazing. Humans invented a way to fly, like birds – how cool is that? To think we’d stop using this superpower seems unrealistic. But it’s 2016. And about time we ditch fossil fuels and explore more sustainable ways to fly.

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