Get a nice old school shave

old school shaving gear

59Long groovy beards have become a trendy fashion accessory for men. Keep it in shape the old fashion way and it becomes even cooler, don’t you agree? And it’s not only for beards; old school razors work for women too!

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50. Get a green smile

Woman brushing teeth

As with all our daily routines, there are usually a few tweaks that can be made to reduce the environmental impact. That goes for keeping your teeth white and bright as well.

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44. Wipe without waste

Toilet paper is something most of us use daily without much consideration. But what we’re actually doing is wiping our bottoms with mashed trees and then flushing them down the drain. Pretty wasteful, to say the least. There are alternatives that are not as gross as you might think.

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40. Sweat it out naturally

Deodorants are something we’re more or less obliged to use when we enter puberty. Who wants to be the smelly unfresh person? But there are other ways to stay fresh than buying chemical filled plastic roll-ons.

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11. Ditch your shampoo

Girl in green leaves

It’s easy to be seduced by those unbelievably happy women in the shampoo ads swishing their lustrous locks; all those products feel like a must to be a “normal” gal. But, there’s a growing “no-poo” movement that cuts chemicals, packaging and spending, and leaves you with a pretty fab looking do.

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2. Back to bar soap

Soap always used to be soap, you know in a bar, not all this fancy bottled stuff. But now it’s so easy to fall for the luxurious liquid in its cute bottle with oh-so-convenient pump action. So, I’d like to pay homage to the simple bar of natural soap. Because this humble slab not only helps reduce plastic waste, but also minimises chemicals going into our water and into our bodies.

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