Get a nice old school shave

old school shaving gear

59Long groovy beards have become a trendy fashion accessory for men. Keep it in shape the old fashion way and it becomes even cooler, don’t you agree? And it’s not only for beards; old school razors work for women too!

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37. Get a ‘3-free’ manicure

Nail polish

Putting some cheerful colour on your nails can really brighten the mood of the day. Choose a nail polish with minimal chemicals and stay healthy, sustainable and fabulous.

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36. Sunbathe safely

Girl in the sun

Summer is arriving in the northern part of the planet. Protecting yourself against the sun is important, but be sure to do it in a way that is safe both for you and the planet.

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30. Get a chemical-free haircut

cute hairbun

When you walk into a conventional hair salon you’re hit with the smell of perfume and chemicals. But with organic hairdressers popping up here and there, it’s getting easier to be beautiful and toxin free.

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25. Get eco inked

Girl with tattoos sleeve

Tattoos feel like a pretty sustainable thing. No waste, no production, just a bit of ink injected into your skin. But many inks contain heavy metals, animal byproducts and have been tested on animals.

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11. Ditch your shampoo

Girl in green leaves

It’s easy to be seduced by those unbelievably happy women in the shampoo ads swishing their lustrous locks; all those products feel like a must to be a “normal” gal. But, there’s a growing “no-poo” movement that cuts chemicals, packaging and spending, and leaves you with a pretty fab looking do.

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2. Back to bar soap

Soap always used to be soap, you know in a bar, not all this fancy bottled stuff. But now it’s so easy to fall for the luxurious liquid in its cute bottle with oh-so-convenient pump action. So, I’d like to pay homage to the simple bar of natural soap. Because this humble slab not only helps reduce plastic waste, but also minimises chemicals going into our water and into our bodies.

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