IngridI’m Ingrid, a former journalist now working as a content manager at a web agency in the lovely little town of Malmö, Sweden.

One day, I read an article that basically stated that the world as we know it might be coming to an end, for real. The end. Finito. No humans. No animals. No nothing. The interesting part was that is wasn’t too late to turn it around – if we act now.

According to a report by the US universities Stanford, Princeton and Berkeley, species are now dying at a rate that is 114 times faster than normal. One of the species facing extinction are the bees. That could happen within three human generations. And if the bees die, a lot of our most loved foods will be gone too.

It seems like we have reached the point of no return. The point when we can no longer wait.

All this lead me to the conclusion that I had to do what I can to save this planet. By doing so, hopefully I will inspire others to do the same. And that is also why I started this blog. To share what I have learned so far on my journey to a more sustainable life. Because it is a journey, and I can’t say that it is an easy one. But a meaningful and inspiring one for sure.

This is simply my attempt of being part of the solution – not the problem. Like Ghandi said: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Peace and love to you all,

To my help I have my amazing friend Rowan, who is a former copywriter trying to live life the zero waste-way. Which is also why she started the zero waste food shop Gram. She is going to write about life hacks that can help us reduce the amount of waste we throw away.

Ps. Need some more inspiration? Listen to my save the world-playlist on Spotify.

Not convinced yet? Watch this 5 min video by the lovely Prince Ea.