Adopt a minimalist lifestyle

65Being a  minimalist means buying less, owning less and in the end – needing less. Some minimalists claim to be happier after this lifestyle switch. Would you try it?

How to make the change
Take a look at your home, your wardrobe and basically go through everything you own with the question “Do I need this?”. If not, donate or sell it. The theory is that the less you own, the less you feel you need. This lifestyle also applies to buying new things. Keep everyday items minimal and only buy the few things you really need.

Why make the change
Minimalists don’t use more stuff than they need, and therefore use up a lot less resources. It’s well known that Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, was a notorious minimalist and hardly kept any furniture at all in his apartment. Maybe being minimal can help you declutter your mind and use your energy for more important things than taking care of your stuff?

NINJA1Be a climate ninja
Try to get by with owning less than 100 things. Deciding which items to keep can be quite a cleansing process which will help you let go of old habits and beliefs.


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