Go for simple sports with less equipment

64Sports is something that connects people. It’s a way for the modern human to get to know new people and socialize. It can also be resource heavy both for the wallet and the planet. And in these times, we need to look into every possible aspect to save the planet.

How to make the change
Choose a simple and minimalistic sport like boxing, mountainbiking, martial arts or basketball for yourself or your children. This way you won’t need to buy lots of expensive equipment made of plastic and other non biodegradable materials. Also choose a sport that’s not too far away from your home. Avoid resource-heavy sports like golf, ice hockey, horse riding or sports that need oil for fuel.

Why make the change?
A golf course uses about 30 000 gallons of water a day. Not to mention the space it takes up where no wildlife can thrive. Artificial turf on football fields are made of plastic, will not decompose and could possibly hurt wildlife. Ice hockey requires a lot of energy to keep ice cold inside the arenas. And all that equipment that needs to be replaced when worn out. Choosing a simple, green sport goes easier on your wallet and on our resources. Sports require a lot of resources and in this time where every little thing counts we might as well count sports into the equation.

NINJA2Be a climate ninja
Only participate in a sport if you can get there by bike or by walking. If you enjoy team sports like ice hockey, play it on a frozen lake outdoors with a couple of friends when possible (check the ice carefully first!). Only play football on real grass and not on big sports stadiums (since they use up lots of energy). And hey, never become a pro, so that you’ll have to travel by airplane a lot. Just do it for fun, with a few friends.


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