Click green to support clean energy

62Going digital and streaming instead of buying cd:s, dvd:s and books is an switch that’s considered to be eco-friendly (and who buys dvd:s these days anyways?). But make sure to stream your music and video from sites who run on clean energy.

How to make the change
Video streaming is usually what uses up the most data on the internet. Choose a streaming service that uses green energy. Sites like Youtube, Google and Facebook are committed to green energy, while Netflix unfortunelaty is among the bad guys, according to a report by Greenpeace. You can install a chrome add on to your browser that will let you know how ecofriendly the site is.

Why make the change?
The data centers that support the internet uses huge ammounts of energy. And online streaming uses up a great deal of that energy, which is why it’s great to choose your streaming service with consideration. Data centers in general are responsible of 1.3 percent of the world’s electricity consumption. If they would all be running on green energy that would make an impact.

NINJA2Be a climate ninja
Lobby Netflix and other streaming services to switch to green energy. We all want to continue to consume our favourite tv-series with a good conscience, right? And hey, try to go offline a little bit more often. Borrow a book at the library. Or go for a walk in nature, then you’ll only use your own, human energy.


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