Detoxify your life of plastics

zero waste jars

61Plastic is in a lot of items we use on a daily basis. Especially in the kitchen. Since plastics are often made from oil, it’s better for the planet to choose other materials when possible. It’s also safer for your health, since some plastics contain harmful chemicals like bisphenol A and BPA.

How to make the change
When you buy new things for your home, like electronics, kitchen utensils and clothes – go for non-plastic materials. Some people even go that far as swapping things they already own, like frying pan, kettle, food boxes and dish brushes for non-plastic versions. If you do this, then hand in your old stuff to second hand for those people who aren’t into reducing plastic use.

Why make the change?
Plastic utensils are often not as durable as things made from metal and wood, for example. And if the utensils get in contact with food, it can leave traces of hormone disrupting chemicals in your food, like bisphenol A and BPA. And, remember that all plastic ever made still exists on earth in some form, which makes plastic a non-biodegradeable material.

NINJA2Be a climate ninja
Do not buy any new plastic product at all. If you need something made of plastic, like a computor or any other electronic device, buy it on the second hand market. This way you won’t support the oil industry at all.


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