Start the new year with the best intentions

60Fireworks, bubbles and sparkly dresses are all things we are used to when it comes to new year’s’ celebrations. If you want to include all these things, then try to do it with consideration.

How to make the change
Skip buying your own fireworks. If you want to look at fireworks, they’ll be plenty around anyways, at least if you live close to a city. Those thai lights doesn’t seem to be any better, since they can set things on fire, and leave metal trash out in nature. A fancy new years dress could perhaps be found on an online vintage site, or maybe you and your friend could borrow something from each other? You’ll probably only wear it once anyways. Make the bubbles organic and if you do like a cigar, see if you can find one made of organic tobacco.

Why make the change?
Fireworks contain chemicals which are released into the air when they explode. It scares and traumatizes dogs and even wild animals each year. Fair and organic fashion is always a good idea, and organic wine is good for anyone who wants to consume less chemicals.

NINJA2Be a climate ninja
Be an an advocate for stricter regulation of fireworks. Lobby your city (or even country) to put a restriction on public access of fireworks to a few strict hours on new year’s eve. This could lessen the suffering of our beloved pets.


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