Start dreamin’ of a green christmas

58Bing Crosby made the world dream of a white christmas. But to keep white, sparkly and snowy winters as a possibility at all (aka stop global warming) we might need to make our christmas celebration a little bit greener. Here are some tips and tricks.

How to make the change
If you like christmas lights, remember that they all run on electricity. Keep a few that you really like (and especially if your house doesn’t run on clean energy). Make your christmas buffet vegan or vegetarian, and organic/locally produced if possible. When it comes to christmas trees, getting a real, organically and locally grown one seems to be the greenest option. Make sure it’s properly recycled after use. If you feel you do need a tree at all, that is. Stick to the decorations you already own, or head out on a thrift store bargain hunt. And of course, try to make your christmas presents as planet-friendly as possible.

Why make the change
A british study from 2014 showed that the brits alone wasted 2.4 million pounds every christmas on uneaten, discarded food and unwanted gifts. A simpler christmas might not have to mean an unhappier one? And you might save some money when doing so, to.

NINJA2Be a climate ninja
Skip the usual christmas traditions and volunteer at a shelter for homeless people. Or invite lonely people in your city to an “alternative christmas” celebration. Make your christmas focus on what it’s supposed to be about; loving and caring for each other. Set an example for your kids (if you have any) to focus on love and giving in a way that’s fun for them.


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