Make your coffee ritual peaceful for you and the planet

french press coffee

57Drinking coffee and tea at home is a major part of the daily routine for millions of people worldwide. That means, lots of possible wins for the environment if we all did a few, easy tweaks.

How to make the change
Brew your coffee in a way that doesn’t produce any waste at all using a french press or a mocha pot, for example. If you already own a coffee pod machine, you can always sell it to someone who would buy one anyway. Go for organic, fair trade coffee. If you prefer tea, buy your tea in bulk and choose organic and fairtrade brands. 

Why make the change
Coffee pods are non recyclable, and creates a lot of unnecessary waste. The use of coffee pods have increased, and coffee pods worth over 112 million were sold only in the UK. And then there’s organic vs non-organic. Coffee beans are one of the most pesticide heavy foods, so if you want non-chemical coffee then you know the way to go.

climate ninjaBe a climate ninja
Pledge your local politicians to put a ban on coffee pods, like the city of Hamburg did. If you work at an office where coffee pods are used, ask your boss to swap it for waste free and organic options.


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