Give planet friendly presents for christmas

55Christmas is a time where a lot of people spend a lot of money. Only in the US, the retail sales around the holidays was worth
630 billion dollars. If all these dollars would be spent supporting sustainable practices that would make a huge difference.

How to make the change
Buy gifts second hand, on online auction sites or your local thrift shop. If you need to buy new products, make your research to make sure they’re sustainably made. Making your own christmas presents is a nice way of cutting down on consumption. Like making your own jam, christmas candy or something else you like doing. You can also give someone gift cards for experiences, like an evening at a restaurant, visit to the theatre or cinema. When wrapping your gift, use old newspaper and string.

Why make the change
In the US, annual trash from gift wrapping and shopping bags alone totals 4 million tons. That’s not even counting Europe (and the actual gifts). A lot of the things we consume are actually bought around christmas. If we made more sustainable choices that would make a great impact on our global footprint, since everything we consume are made of materials from the earth.

NINJA1Be a climate ninja
Celebrate your holidays in a minimalistic way. Ask your friends and relatives not to buy you any presents, and tell them you won’t buy them any presents either. Donate the money you would have spent on gifts to a charity you trust, like a rainforest project or an ocean cleanup organization.


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