Don’t be a trashy tourist

101-numbersThe increased traveling is probably something that brings us closer together as humans, but it also poses new challenges when it comes to the environment. But there are some things we can do to help reduce our impact on a personal level.

How to make the change
Look for eco-friendly housing, like eco-lodges, eco-certified hotels or ecofriendly airbnbs. Or why not try couchsurfing? When you’re at the location, leave as few traces as you can. Which means no littering, keeping your own water bottle whenever possible, bringing your own biodegradable soap and paying attention and respect to local culture and nature in general. Avoid activities that affect wildlife in a negative way. If you can get there without flying it’s great, if not at least try to carbon offset your flight and of course – be an advocate for green aviation.

Why make the change?
In the US alone, hotels spend over 7.5 billion dollars on energy and create 1.9 billion lbs of waste each year, enough to fill 37 million suitcases. Studies show that green standard buildings send 50-70% less to landfills. If all hotels in America went green, that would be equivalent to taking one million cars off the road. Not to mention that fancy hotels and huge swimming pools often take up the entire coast lines in some countries, making it inaccessible for locals. Eco-friendlier options interfere a lot less with local people and local environment.

NINJA1Be a climate ninja
Find a way to give back to the people and the environment during your stay. World wide opportunities on organic farms, for example, helps you find an organic farms around the globe that needs volonteers. Or, skip your far away holiday and go on staycation.

Read more:
The environmental impact of hotels in the US (graphics)


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