Keep a bee-friendly garden

52Bees are dying at an
alarming rate across the planet, which is a major problem since they pollinate a large deal of our flowers and vegetables. If you’re lucky enough to own a garden, why not make it as inviting as possible for these little guys?

How to make the change
Keep your garden as diverse as possible is a good start, since different bees are attracted to different plants. Replace part of your front lawn with flowering plants. Plant native flowers that are uniquely adapted to your region. And try to plant some flowers that blooms year round to keep the supply of bee-food intact during the year. Only use natural fertilizers and pesticides. Try to plant a lot of flowers that bees enjoy. Create a bee-bath where they can land and sip up before flying off again.

Why make the change?
Every little thing we can do to help the bees is a good thing if we want to continue eating things like avocados, apples and cucumbers. If the bees vanish, so will a lot of our most loved foods. Bees will also benefit your garden, making it bloom and grow as ever before!

climate ninjaBe a climate ninja
Start an organic bee-hive where bees can thrive. Be sure to research well before starting anything, though. And keep safe around the bees, they can get quite angry if you tease them!

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How to create a bee-friendly garden


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