50. Get a green smile

Woman brushing teeth

As with all our daily routines, there are usually a few tweaks that can be made to reduce the environmental impact. That goes for keeping your teeth white and bright as well.

How to make the change
Swap your plastic toothbrush for a compostable one made out of bamboo. A lot of zero wasters make their own toothpaste based on baking soda. Replace commercial mouthwash products with coconut oil, using the oil pulling method. If you’re a coffee lover, whitening products can also be a thing. Activated charcoal is a natural product used as a whitener. There are several other home remedies, more or less effective (and safe). Make sure you research well before putting anything on your teeth.

Why make the change?
Whether or not avoiding fluoride is a good idea is widely debated, however organic toothpastes often contain less chemicals. Less plastics and less chemicals leads to a happier planet. Yep, you know the drill by now. Commercial whitening toothpastes often contains microplastics, which causes damage to the oceans. Overall, reducing the amount of products you use, lessens your environmental footprint, NINJA1and increases your zero waste-ninjalevel.

Be a climate ninja

Use chew sticks as your teeth cleaner, like in parts of India, Africa and the middle east. No toothpaste needed at all, and no plastic containers to throw away.


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