48. Spread the word in mainstream media

News reporter

TV, radio and newspapers are still a major source of information for a lot of people.They play an important part in making this planet green again. And climate ninjas will show them the way!

How to make the change
The environment isn’t always top priority in mainstream news and media overall. But if enough people email, call and contact journalists that might change. So if you find something interesting that you think they should report about, let them know. And it doesn’t have to be “news”. You can give them information about interesting people to interview and things to bring up in a larger scale.

Why make the change?
We only have a few years to act before it’s too late to save our planet. Getting journalists and other media personalities involved is crucial, since they have huge platforms and audiences. And not all people search for information actively, so some people might need a little help informing themselves about the state of our climate, animal welfare, oceans and air toxicity.

climate ninjaBe a climate ninja
Give the media something to report about by setting a personal example. Start a petition for more bike lanes in your city, start a solar panel start-up or set a target of buying nothing new for an entire year, and then ask local media to write about it.


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