47. Connect to yourself and your real needs

Marketing and media surrounds us everywhere and there are a lot of voices telling us what to do, what we need to be healthy and what the ideal human should look like. Finding a way to keep these voices at bay and tune into yourself can be very helpful to a planet-saver.

How to make the change
We already wrote about the benefits of getting out in nature. That could be a first step. Cutting down on the time you spend watching tv could be another one. Mainstream news and trivial game shows are generally not very inspirational if you want to save the planet. Meditation is another way of calming the mind, and tuning into your own inner voice. Yoga can help you connect to your own body and loving all it can do instead of working against it.

Why make the change?
Being a planet saver is all about cutting down on careless consumption, and adopting a more conscious way of living. Not being a passive consumer, but rather taking responsibility for your actions knowing that your everyday choices affect others. This can be really difficult when the temptations of modern society kick in. Fast fashion, convenience food and beauty products work hard to get your attention. To stay grounded and remain on the right track, you might need a way to deal with all the noise.

NINJA2Be a climate ninja
If you already feel grounded and connected to yourself, maybe it’s time to help others connect to themselves? Arrange free yoga classes in public parks, start a meditation group and help people who want to start meditating. And help spread kind and loving vibes to those who need it.


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