46. Go electric for your next car

women on roadtrip

Cars have become a necessity in our modern society. In some parts of the world, getting around without them would be impossible. And – who doesn’t love an exciting road trip? Luckily, electric cars are on the rise and becoming more and more affordable.

How to make the change
If you need to buy a new car, go for electric. Yes, some of our electricity comes from fossil fuels, but as more and more countries switch to renewables, more cars will run on renewable energy. But still, making a new car uses up more resources than powering an old one with oil. So if you own a petrol-driven car, you might be better off keeping it.

Why make the change?
Fossil fuels are starting to feel outdated, not so cool, and it’s no secret that they are disastrous for the planet and our global temperature. Choosing a car that runs on electricity seems to be the way forward for all car lovers out there.

climate ninjaBe a climate ninja
Install solar panels on your house, and power your car with solar energy straight from your own roof. Or, find a way to live without a car and go by bike, bus or train instead.

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