43. Get your green game on

woman holding a playstation remote

Electronic waste is a huge contributor to landfills around the globe. With the rising popularity of video games and new consoles continuously introduced to the market,this is becoming a growing problem.

How to make the change
Instead of buying a new Playstation or Xbox every time a new version is released, invest in a powerful gaming computer and download all the games you need. You can also buy all your games on the second hand market. That way you’ll save money and your impact will be way lower than if you’re constantly buying new games. Old school games can be quite fun too.

Why make the change?
There are currently more video games in the world than there are people. And the plastic used to produce them does not decompose. If all games were downloaded instead of manufactured that would save 2,4 billion gallons of crude oil. And that’s not counting transport from factory to store and to your home.

climate ninjaBe a climate ninja
Ask your favourite gaming companies what they do to lower or offset their carbon emissions. Are they planning to develop a more sustainable gaming console that lasts more than a few years? Are they planning to make all their games downloadable? What are their policies? Show the big brands that they need to care about the planet!


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