42. Stay beautiful without microplastics

woman applying facial mask

Did you know that many beauty products and fabrics contain plastic? You might find it in your body scrub, makeup and even in many of your favourite clothes. According to the UN, these “microplastics” pose a growing threat to human health and our oceans.

How to make the change
Check the ingredients of beauty products and avoid microspeheres, micro-beads, balls, beads or microcrystals. The word “poly” or PE is also a warning sign. Or try making your own products with all natural ingredients. Synthetic fabrics also send plastic fibers out to sea every time you wash them, so opt for clothes made of organic cotton, hemp or other natural fibers.

Why make the change?
More than a quarter of fish in Indonesia and California contain plastic particles. One of the culprits is microplastics. The Baltic sea alone gets flooded with around 40 tons a year. These microplastics end up being digested by fish, which might just end up on your plate.

NINJA1Be a climate ninja
The US is one of the few countries that has banned microbeads. If they are not banned in your country, try to put pressure on policymakers to make the change. You can also contact fashion and beauty brands and ask them what they’re doing about plastics in their products.


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