41. Save orangutans by avoiding palm oil

orangutan mother and baby

Palm oil is an ingredient found in approximately 50 percent of products in the supermarket. Avoiding it entirely isn’t easy, but being aware of the problem and avoiding it when possible is a good start.

How to make the change
Avoid food, cosmetics and other products containing unsustainably sourced palm oil . The tricky thing is that the label doesn’t always say “palm oil”. It can be disguised as “vegetable oil”, or just an ingredient with the word “palm” in it. Instead, choose products that contain clearly labeled oils, such as sunflower oil or coconut oil. Or try to cook your food from scratch, then you’ll avoid some plastic packaging as well.

Why make the change?
Globally there are more than 12 to 13 million hectares of palm oil plantations, mostly in Indonesia and Malaysia. They are one of the main causes of rainforest deforestation in these areas, rainforests that used to be the home of the few orangutans left in the world. Palm oil is also high in saturated fat, which can cause problems to your cardiovascular health.

NINJA1Be a climate ninja
Write to companies that use palm oil in their products and ask them if they’d consider changing to something else. The climate ninja 2.0 might even consider writing to politicians and ask them to ban all import and production of products containing unsustainably sourced palm oil.


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