39. Take care of your health

woman running on bridge

Staying healthy for the sake of the planet? How does that work? Well, most things that are healthy for you are also healthy for the planet. If you get sick, traditional health care and pharmaceuticals are heavy on resources and generate toxic, sometimes even radioactive waste.

How to make the change
Many scientific studies have proven healthy practices are also beneficial to the environment. Like eating less meat and more fruit and veggies, avoiding toxic chemicals in beauty and hygiene products and connecting with nature. Some studies also show that organic food is healthier than conventional food, but this is highly debated.  And, don’t forget about excercise. Walking or biking instead of using a car benefits everyone.

Why make the change?
We excrete in our urine 30-90% of the medicine we take. Substances from these medicines, such as painkillers, antibiotics and prozac have been found in rivers, drinking water, fish and other water creatures. Yet it’s unclear how this affects wildlife and human health. Especially the cocktail effect of them. Adding to this, hospitals are resource-demanding. 15% of health care waste is considered hazardous and might be infectious, toxic or radioactive. The waste is sometimes incinirated which releases dioxins and furans into the air.

climate ninjaBe a climate ninja
Shout out to all the brainy people out there! Are you a scientist? Or a journalist? We need to get down with the facts on how the substances in medicine affects wildlife, our planet and human health. We might also need to find ways to make our health care greener. Will there be  such a thing as eco-friendly hospitals and/or medicine in the future? We’ll see.



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