38. Drink your coffee topless

Coffee to go

Coffee togo is convenient, delicious and destroying the planet. In the US 25 billion cups are thrown away each year. Paper or styrofoam cups are bad enough, but add to that a plastic lid and they are an environmental catastrophe.

How to make the change
If you love getting takeout coffee, the best thing is to bring your own mug. But it’s so easy to forget, and when you need a caffeine hit what are you going to do? Take your top off of course. Not literally, but if you get a paper takeout cup just ask the barista not to put a plastic top on.

Why make the change?
As we’ve written before, plastic is heavy on resources and energy and can take hundreds of years to break down, emitting greenhouse gasses as it does. 8 million tons of it ends up in the ocean every year, it destroys marine life, chokes turtles and birds, and gets digested by fish.

climate ninjaBe a climate ninja
Go topless. Yes really, we mean it this time. Make a stand against plastic pollution by getting involved in something like the World Naked Bike Ride, just like @plasticfreemermaid did. Now there’s a climate ninja.


2 thoughts on “38. Drink your coffee topless

  1. literallyninfa

    Most places are happy to put coffee/chai latte in my travel mug.

    Coffee cups still generate a lot of waste.


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