35. Opt for a green good bye

Cross in cemetery

It might not be something you like to think about too much, but the truth is, we’re all going to die one day. And if you try to live sustainably, why not go out in green style as well?

How to make the change
Write a funeral wishes document outlining a simple, green funeral (when the time comes). Ask your relatives to choose a biodegradable coffin or one of these awesome eco burial pods that can be planted with a tree. If you like the tree idea but want a cremation, then a biodegradable bio-urn is the ending for you. It comes with a seed that creates a memorial tree when buried. And if you’re going for cremation – go for one that uses gas instead of fire, which creates less greenhouse gas. And why not make the reception green too with a meat-free menu and real plates and glasses instead of disposable ones?

Why make the change?
Many traditional coffins are made of chipboard that’s manufactured using formaldehyde. When these coffins are cremated together with the bodies they release toxic gases. Mercury from tooth fillings is also a problem, since it can harm fishes and even human babies when mothers eat the fish. If buried, these coffins can disrupt local ecosystems. Biodegradable ones made of for example bamboo, hemp or banana leaf are easier for the earth to break down, and use less resources to produce.

climate ninjaBe a climate ninja
Go for a natural burial. Find a green burial council certified cemetery for the burial, or if you own property opt for a home burial (first check if it’s allowed in your country). If you aren’t a landowner, then a woodland burial might be another option. That way your body can reintegrate with nature in a beautiful setting.  

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