33. Cook food from scratch

Fresh vegetables

Ready-made prepackaged food is convenient, and sometimes it can be a total lifesaver. But making food from scratch is a great way to minimise plastic packaging, and have more control over what goes into your body.

How to make the change
Make your meals with natural ingredients like vegetables, beans, nuts and grains, where packaging is minimal. If you have a bulk food store nearby you can cut out packaging all together. You can then take it a step further by making your own jam, juices, ice cream, cookies, bread and even pasta. If you’re vegan you can even make your own almond milk.

Why make the change?
Our overuse of plastic packaging is a growing problem which causes major disruption to our oceans. Did you know that every single bit of plastic ever produced still exists on earth today? It takes hundreds of years for mother nature to break it down. Lessening our use of single use packaging is a key way to help save the planet. When you avoid packaged, processed food you also minimise the amount of chemicals going into your body.

climate ninjaBe a climate ninja
Set a challenge for yourself to only cook and eat unpackaged foods for a year. Only throw away things that are compostable. Document your journey and share your experiences on instagram or in a blog.


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