32. Say a sustainable “I do”

Sustainable wedding

Weddings are a billion dollar industry. If you embrace the “vote with your wallet” concept there are a lot of dollars to vote with when it comes to your big day. And with a little planning throwing a green wedding doesn’t have to be all that hard.

How to make the change
Go for a vintage wedding dress, or a dress made from sustainable fabrics. Get vintage rings, or melt down golden jewelry that you don’t use to make new ones. Send electronic invitations. Decorate with locally grown, organic (or wild) flowers. Choose a green, vegan/vegetarian catering service. Avoid disposables and hire plates and glasses, find them at a local thrift shop, or even serve dinner on biodegradable bamboo plates. Choose a venue where guests can walk from the wedding ceremony right to the reception/party. Ask guests not to buy gifts but to donate to a cause that you both care for.

Why make the change?
Weddings can use a lot of resources for food, transport, decorations and gifts. The average American spends 26 444 dollars on a wedding. What if all that money was spent supporting sustainable businesses and practices? That would make a big difference.

NINJA1Be a climate ninja
Do away with all the guests, expense and organisation and elope, just the two of you to a beautiful, secret location and tie the knot. You could always throw a small, simple, sustainable party for close friends and family when you get back.


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