31. Make a difference with your unique skill

Creative skill

Saving the planet seems to be a really huge task when you look at the bigger picture. But if we all started where we are, with what we have, things could start to change really fast. One action could lead to another, and before we know it that green revolution might have started without us even noticing it.

How to make the change
Do you work as a teacher? A car mechanic? Or maybe a hairdresser? Whatever your skillset might be, think about whether there’s a way you could use it to make a difference. If you are a teacher, why not bring in some planet saving activities into your classroom. A florist? Introduce organic, locally grown flowers to your shop. Your skill might also be a hobby, like sailing or craft.

Why make the change?
If we all make changes society will slowly start to change. It’s all about making companies, schools, hospitals – all parts of society – sustainable. And the only way to achieve this is if we all collectively start where we are. Sometimes it might be enough if one person or company starts to make a change, to prove that it is possible, then others will follow.

NINJA2Be a climate ninja
Rethink your career and start a sustainable business in an area that interests you. It might be a vegan/organic juice bar, an organic hair salon or a green cleaning service. And if you don’t know what your unique skill is, don’t worry – just head in the direction that brings you the most joy and a new, brilliant business idea might turn up when you least expect it.


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