10 great sites for eco-friendly fashion online

So you’ve read the post about the fashion industry’s impact on the environment. Now where are you going to buy your clothes? Apart from secondhand, you can also find brands that use organic, eco-friendly fabrics. Here’s a list of some interesting online shops.

ASOS Green room
ASOS Green room lets you shop eco-friendly at a decent price. The items are repurposed or made from organic materials.

At a little more pricey level, Belvele is the place to go for those delicate pieces that really make people’s heads turn.

Armed Angels
A German sustainable and fair fashion brand that deserves a place on this list. Beautiful design at mid-range prices..

Naja is making it easy to look great in a sustainable fashion, down to your knickers. They have an entire underwear line made of recycled plastic bottles.

Be good
Begood is an organic and fair online marketplace for fashion and accessories. The clothing is more on the basic side, with tees and simple dresses and the prices are affordable.

An online shop for ethical and sustainable fashion. A little bit more pricey, but the design is fun and colourful.

Kaight shop
Brooklyn-based eco-friendly, fairtrade shop Kaight promotes cool fashion brands with a conscience.

Also based in NY, Modavanti offers a one-stop online shop for tees, jeans, dresses and accessories.

People Tree
As one of the pioneers of sustainable fashion, People Tree has a great online store where you can shop affordable, fun clothes.

A collection of youthful and quirky ethical and eco-friendly fashion. Who said sustainable fashion has to be boring?

Where do you shop organic clothing? Comment below if you have any tips in store for us!


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