28. Go on staycation

Girl with bicycle

Summer is approaching, and a lot of people are planning their vacations. A cheap and fun way to enjoy some free time is to simply stay at home. This also means true relaxation since you don’t need to plan or pack anything. You can just be.

How to make the change
Spend your vacation at home, and use the time to go on excursions by train or bike. If you miss that luxury feeling why not spend the budget you would have used for airline tickets on a really nice hotel nearby for a night or two? Be a tourist in your own area and visit places you don’t normally go to. Visit friends and relatives that you don’t usually have time to see or take a summer course in creative writing, cooking, dancing or something else you always wanted to learn more about.

Why make the change?
We all know that airplanes and other transport driven by fossil fuels cause major problems to our climate. When we minimise our use of them we lessen our carbon footprint. Simplifying your vacation can also be a way of stressing down, and connecting to ourselves instead of indulging in constant activities and action.

NINJA2Be a climate ninja
Challenge yourself by heading on a bike-vacation to a far away destination. Start a blog or instagram account where people can follow your adventure as a green tourist.


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