27. Ask the far right to tackle climate change

Climate refugee in dry land

The first climate refugees are already having to leave their homes. Global warming could mean 150 million people are displaced by 2050. At the same time the far right is on the rise across the world, vocal in their rejection of refugees. If they are not prepared to help those most in need, they need to act on climate change to let them stay in their homes.

How to make the change
Contact your local far right wing party with the facts about climate refugees. Ask them about their environmental policies and how they intend to tackle global warming. Use social media to make the questions public.

Why make the change?
As people seek new, safer places to live, the pressure on hosting countries will be immense. Governments need to act now to halt climate change and ensure people don’t have to abandon their countries. Shining the spotlight on the environment in an unusual way, in forums where we don’t usually hear about these issues can help reach out to people who wouldn’t normally get this message.

NINJA1Be a climate ninja
There are already climate refugees in the world. Get involved with, or support an organisation that helps them. Nobody should have to leave their home because of climate change.


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