26. Make love green queen style

Couple cuddling in bed

Nothing could be more natural and eco-friendly than sex, right? Well, if you’re trying to avoid pregnancy protecting yourself, then you might want to consider how your contraceptives affect the planet. Birth control pills, for example, leak estrogen into our water streams which can cause damage to marine life.

How to make the change
Choose a birth control method that doesn’t involve hormones. One option is an old school pessary (that is popping up again as a new, eco-friendly alternative). Condoms are a classic option, and will also protect against STD:s. Choose condoms made of latex since they biodegrade much faster than polyurethane ones. Fertility awareness technique also has high success rates. It’s all about keeping track of your body temperature and fluids so you know when you’re fertile. Or simply use one of those fertility tracking apps. 

Why make the change?
Synthetic hormones in birth control pills, like estrogen and progestin, get into waterways through our urine. These hormones can’t be filtered out of drinking water, and as yet it’s unclear how this could impact our bodies.  In rivers and oceans  aquatic animals that digest hormones are producing intersex or infertile offspring.

NINJA2Be a climate ninja
Become a nun. No contraceptives needed! Be sure to pray for our planet to be saved, we could really use some help from those almighty guys above. Or – go gay and involve in a steady relationship. No babies being made there.

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