25. Get eco inked

Girl with tattoos sleeve

Tattoos feel like a pretty sustainable thing. No waste, no production, just a bit of ink injected into your skin. But many inks contain heavy metals, animal byproducts and have been tested on animals.

How to make the change
Thinking of getting a tattoo? Choose an artist that uses vegan and non-toxic ink. Many inks are moving towards toxin and cruelty free, so ask what brand your artist uses, as they might not even realise they’re using the good stuff.

Why make the change?
Ok, so a little toxicity in ink can’t be all that bad for the environment, right? Well no, but here at 101ways we’re all about doing good for ourselves, other creatures and the planet. It all goes hand-in-hand. Tattoos can be so beautiful, so make them even more beautiful by keeping them safe for your body and without cruelty.

NINJA2Be a climate ninja
Contact a few tattooists in your area and ask if they use vegan, non-toxic ink. If they don’t ask if they’d consider using it and let them know about a few of the great ink brands.


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