23. Search out sustainable furniture

Norrgavel organic furniture

Organic food and clothing is becoming mainstream. But finding eco-friendly furniture is more of a challenge. It might be worth the effort though, since non-certified wood commonly used in furniture production contributes to deforestation.

How to make the change
Choose products that are made of certified sustainable wood. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a good certification to look for. Recycled materials are also great, as well as furniture made of sustainable bamboo. When buying fabric or leather furniture check if it’s organic. Aim for pieces that are durable and fixable so they last longer. Or go vintage/antique treasure hunting. You can find most things secondhand.

Why make the change?
Nearly half of the virgin forests that once covered the Earth have been cut down with devastating effects on the climate. Certified foresting is a lot kinder to the planet and choosing organic fabrics and leather helps avoid harmful chemicals. Flame retardants, for example, have been linked to health problems such as fertility issues, neurological deficits, developmental delays and cancer.

NINJA1Be a climate ninja
Write to your favourite furniture companies and ask about their policies on certified wood and/or organic fabrics. If they don’t use sustainable and eco materials tell them why you think it’s important that they do.

Image courtesy to Norrgavel, an eco-friendly furniture company from Sweden.

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