21. Have a disposable free day

Girl with coffee thermos

A takeout coffee on the way to work, a bottle of water with lunch, and groceries in a plastic bag on the way home. It’s so easy to accumulate these daily disposable items, but it’s also so easy to live without them and create a cleaner world by doing so.

How to make the change
A thermos mug, a water bottle and a few cloth bags. That’s all you really need with you to immediately cut down your daily disposables. If you buy a lot of takeout lunches you could also bring a lunch box and cutlery, plus a jar and reusable straw for smoothies.

Why make the change?
Cutting down daily waste cuts down on the emission heavy plastic and card production and disposal process. Read more on our zero waste page. Takeout waste and bags are possibly the looniest waste of all, since they are usually in your possession for c. 30 mins. Just while you drink your coffee, or carry your shopping home. D’oh!NINJA1

Be a climate ninja
Talk to your favourite takeout food places about letting you bring your own container. You can even encourage them to put up a sign saying they support zero waste and bring-your-own so others feel ok about doing it. Help take the weird out of making less waste!


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