20. Advocate green aviation

airplane wing in clouds

Airplanes are simply amazing. Humans invented a way to fly, like birds – how cool is that? To think we’d stop using this superpower seems unrealistic. But it’s 2016. And about time we ditch fossil fuels and explore more sustainable ways to fly.

How to make the change
No one’s expecting you to become an engineer and reinvent the aviation industry. But, as consumers we can put pressure on airlines and politicians to push through change and fund innovation. There have been successful experiments in solar powered airplanes, for example. If humans can fly to the moon we should be able to develop green airplanes. And until this happens simply try to fly a little less.

Why make the change?
The fact that aviation causes major damage to our climate is nothing new. Globally about 8.3 million people fly daily, which is twice as many as in 1999. U.S. airlines alone burned c. 16.2 billion gallons of fuel in 2014. Flying is a common reason many individuals feel they can’t act on climate change since “nobody’s going to stop flying anyway”. But maybe there’s a solution if we stop accepting the current reality.

NINJA1Be a climate ninja
Lobby politicians to cease commercial flights until we have more sustainable flying options. Yes, this will have an economic impact, but when climate change really kicks in the economy will be the least of our worries. So we might as well act now.

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