19. Connect with nature

Many of us live and work in cities, surrounded by buildings, traffic and asphalt. If we don’t take time to connect with nature it’s easy to forget that everything we eat, wear and use in our daily lives comes from the raw materials of this earth.

How to make the change
Make a habit of getting out in nature on a regular basis. Even if it’s just a local park. Or plan a small getaway to a nearby forest or nature reserve. When you’re there, turn off your phone and take in smells, sounds and colours. Feel the sunshine on your face, and listen to the wind rustling the trees. Some people love taking their shoes off, as walking barefoot on the ground (also called earthing) is said to have several health benefits.

Why make the change?
Research shows that spending time in nature can reduce symptoms of stress, depression and boost  energy levels. And a positive mindset is key when you’re trying to be a planet saver. It’s also good to get a reminder of what we’re trying to save for the generations to come. The beauty of nature humbles us, and helps us walk the earth more gracefully, leaving it as beautiful as we found it.

NINJA2Be a climate ninja
Take a friend (or a group) who’s not used to nature on a hike. Bring good food, try to find beautiful spots for coffee breaks, point out plants and bird sounds – help them understand and enjoy nature. You could also arrange a ‘mindfulness walk’ event for people in your area.



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