18. Unplug, switch off, power down

Light bulbs

Sometimes it feels like our individual actions make very little difference to the world. But like many of the 101 ways, if we all changed our habits the impact would be significant. That’s very much the case with the small tweaks you can make at home to conserve energy.    

How to make the change
Electronics in standby mode still consume energy, as do chargers not in use. Get into the habit of unplugging microwaves, music systems, computers, tvs, games consoles, etc when not in use. Do you charge your phone over night? Plug in during the day instead and unplug once fully charged. Switch off lights in rooms you’re not using, swap conventional bulbs for LED, wash clothes on a low temperature, and when it’s time to buy a new appliance make sure it’s energy efficient.

Why make the change?
If everyone in the UK unplugged their phones once charged it would save enough energy to power 115,000 homes for a year. Since we don’t have an endless supply of fossil fuels, and
since burning them contributes to global warming, it’s time we all powered down.

NINJA1Be a climate ninja
Thinking of remodeling your home? Make changes that will save energy, like better insulation or installing solar panelling. Or build your own sustainable home and cut your energy use and bills for the long term future.


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