17. Zero wastify your groceries


If we continue to overuse packaging the way we do there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050. Superstores dominate the groceries market with food encased in bags, boxes and bottles, not to mention the cellophane clad vegetables. But, is there a more sustainable, waste-free way to do the weekly food shop?

How to make the change
If you’re lucky enough to live close to a bulk/loose food store, stock up on dry goods, liquids, etc. If not, you can find lots of loose products, you just have to look around and change your shopping habits by going to more than one store. Find loose tea at specialist tea shops, nuts, pulses and grains in some whole food stores and supermarkets, unpackaged bread from the bakery, and fruit and veg from markets. Take your own produce bags, containers and shopping bags to eliminate packing and plastic bags.

Why make the change
Plastic and paper packaging consumes energy and resources in production and disposal,  even when it’s recycled. Reducing packaging where possible is a great energy saver and reducing plastic can help to save our oceans and marine life. Read more on our zero waste page.

NINJA3Be a climate ninja
Contact your local grocery store and ask them to stock more food in bulk. If the vegetables are wrapped in plastic, ask them why. Ask them to take in larger bags of rice, pasta and beans, etc. Write on their Facebook page so other people can see what they answer.

Image courtesy of Lindsay Miles of the brilliant sustainability blog treadingmyownpath.com.

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