15. Curb food waste

Bananas in supermarket

A staggering one third of food produced worldwide gets thrown away, and usually at a stage when it’s still perfectly edible. Apart from it not being used to feed the 870 million people who go hungry every day, it’s also devastating for the planet.

How to make the change 
Food waste happens all along the production and supply chain, but it also happens in our homes. There are many easy ways to reduce your food waste, like planning meals ahead. When you’re shopping look for food that’s about to go out of date (which is usually marked down) as stores will throw that out soonest. Use it straight away or freeze it. Support fruit and veg markets who often sell “ugly” produce that the supermarkets discard.

Why make the change?
Food production, transport and packaging use huge amounts of land, water and energy. So when that food isn’t eaten it’s a massive waste of resources. Then after being discarded, food often sits in landfills leaching one of the worst greenhouse gasses, methane.

NINJA2Be a climate ninja
Become a dumpster-diver and get your groceries by rummaging in the trash outside food stores. But be aware of the law relating to this wherever you live. Start a food waste initiative, like Rude Food in Malmö, or sign a petition to get the recent food waste law in France rolled out worldwide.

Written by: Rowan


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