12. Say it with organic flowers

Flowers, the traditional symbol of love, and about to be given by the million this Valentine’s Day. But does a pesticide filled bunch that’s been shipped across the world really show your true intentions?

How to make the change
Look for organically grown, fairtrade flowers where the environment and workers are protected. If you live in a warm climate choose locally grown, organic flowers so you also cut out the impact of transportation. In colder parts, however, farmers need to grow flowers in greenhouses or under artificial light,  using vast amounts of energy, so local is not always better.

Why make the change?
Commercial flower farms use pesticides that are harmful to both the environment and worker’s health. Flowers need a lot of energy to keep them alive until they reach your table due to transportation, lighting and refrigeration. Promoting organic flowers is also an important factor in preserving bee populations, who are vital for pollinating food crops.

NINJA1Be a climate ninja
Skip flowers entirely and show your love in a more inventive way. How about finding a tree planting charity and have a sapling planted in honour of your loved one. Take a romantic stroll in the park and look at the flowers growing, or plant some seeds and watch your love blossom (feel free to puke at this point). Or just stay home and have dinner by eco-friendly candlelight and rebel against consumerism.

Written by: Rowan


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