11. Ditch your shampoo

Girl in green leaves

It’s easy to be seduced by those unbelievably happy women in the shampoo ads swishing their lustrous locks; all those products feel like a must to be a “normal” gal. But, there’s a growing “no-poo” movement that cuts chemicals, packaging and spending, and leaves you with a pretty fab looking do.

How to make the change
Start with washing your hair a little less often to make your products go further. Or, use natural shampoo and conditioner bars to cut out packaging and chemicals. Try to get hold of cider vinegar or bicarbonate of soda in bulk (i.e. less packaging) to use as washing agents. Then there’s the homemade option like this avocado stone shampoo. Coconut oil is a great conditioner or treatment for dry hair, and if you need to fix your look, try making this lemon/vodka hairspray. Everyone has different hair, so you might need to experiment to find the best solution.

Why make the change?
Making your own products cuts down on packaging, getting rid of all those plastic bottles that use so much energy to produce and dispose of. But where there’s an environmental benefit, there often seems to be a health benefit too. Choosing or making products free from parabens and other chemicals is a great choice for your body.

NINJA3Be a climate ninja
The next step is to try the water-only-wash. The theory behind this method is that shampoo disables your scalp’s natural oil regulation. You’ll also need to brush more to distribute your natural oils. So kick the shampoo and after a couple of weeks of adjustment you should start to look like those happy advert ladies minus all the bottles.

Written by: Rowan



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