8. Cut down on meat and dairy

happy pigs celebrating

Who doesn’t love a big juicy burger. And how can you live without cheese or a milky latte? But there are some things we might need more than these animal based foods we’ve become so dependant on. Like clean oceans, a lower global temperature and intact rain forests. And veggie burgers can be pretty awesome too, if not even more awesome.

How to make the change
Changing your diet can be challenging, so take it one step at a time. You could start with taking the meat free Monday challenge and eat vegetarian/vegan once a week. Or take it further and go “flexitarian”, cutting out meat whenever you can. Cook more vegetarian meals at home and try the veggie option if you eat out. An easy swap is to replace dairy products with plant based ones like almond or soy milk, oat cream and coconut ice cream. Try to be creative and find new plant based recipes that inspire you.

Why make the change?
According to a UN report, the meat and dairy industry produces more green house gases than airplanes and cars together. Beef production is a major contributor to deforestation of rainforests, particularly in Brazil. Studies also show that there can be several health benefits to cutting down meat consumption, and a World Health Organisation report recently linked processed and red meat to an increased cancer risk.

climateninjaBe a climate ninja
Go vegan! This might seem extreme at first, but it can actually be quite fun. The internet is loaded with vegan blogs, recipes and communities to guide you. Try the #vegan hashtag on Instagram, or search for vegan food on Pinterest. There are also Facebook groups for vegans in different cities where you can find people to support you. Going vegan doesn’t have to be about cutting out, it can be about discovering new food and new ways to cook and eat.

Read more:
Watch the documentaries Cowspiracy and Forks over knives for more information. They’re both available on Netflix.




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