7. Be a surfer dude

surfer going into water

Jet skis, banana boats and speed boats – all fun stuff, but also a contributor to the destruction of marine life. Our oceans are in danger and sometimes we might have to give something up for the greater good. Keeping our oceans clean just seems more important than riding a giant yellow banana, right?

How to make the change
Stick to watersports fueled by wind, waves and your own muscles instead of petrol. There are loads of activities like surfing, kiteboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, paddling – the list goes on. And if you’re not ready to stop riding that jet ski, stick to the coast and don’t go too far out where you can disturb more marine life, or simply do it a bit less.

Why make the change?
Most watercraft use two stroke engines that pour out gallons of unburned fuel straight into the water damaging marine life. As crazy as it sounds, sound pollution is also a
problem as it can prevent dolphins and other marine animals from communicating with NINJA1each other. Then there’s also the thing that we need to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Be a climate ninja
Go swimming! No plastic needed and you won’t scare any dolphins on the way. If you’re a real ninja you might even go skinny dipping (Swedish style), then you won’t even need a swimsuit! Just don’t get arrested.



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