6. Depost your postbox

Even though we’re living in the so-called digital age, I’m always amazed at the amount of printed matter that ends up in my postbox. Bank statements, bills, TV licenses, catalogues from any company I’ve ever bought anything from, free newspapers, flyers and newsletters. And I’d estimate that about 50% of it ends up in the recycling without being read.

How to make the change
Every time you get your post make a pile of stuff you don’t read/need, a pile of stuff you need but could have in digital form, and a pile of stuff you can’t do without. (The latter for me would be letters from my mum, I do love a handwritten letter so they will stay). Next, contact each company in the don’t-need pile and ask them to stop sending you stuff. Then contact the need-but-could-be-digital pile and ask them to send your statements, bills, etc. by email or via your internet bank. Tada! Soon you’ll have a post-free postbox (apart from mum-letters and the like).

Why make the change
Because why use a load of trees and energy to make paper, then a load more energy to print on the paper only for me to send it to be recycled and use yet more energy to turn it into more paper to print more things on that I won’t read? Deep breath. Read more about NINJA3cutting down your waste here.

Be a climate ninja
Contact the marketing departments of the companies that send you mail and ask if they’d consider digitising their catalogues and newsletters. Remind them it’s the 21st century and we needn’t rely on print these days.

Written by: Rowan


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