5. Become a slacktivist


Social media has made it easier than ever before to spread a message. Facebook has over 1.5 billion active users, which means that the world is becoming increasingly connected. Let’s use this unique possibility to do a little planet saving shall we?

How to make the change
Follow environmental organisations, blogs and news providers on your preferred social channel and “like”, comment on and share their posts. Sign and share online petitions. Use comment sections to add an environmental perspective if it’s not being discussed. Most of all, try to be creative and gentle in your slacktivism, no one likes being shouted at online.

Why make the change?
Slacktivists have gained a reputation for being lazy and self-absorbed, but studies show that slacktivism can be effective. To get our planet in shape we need as many people onboard as possible. And since the first step towards action is awareness, social media is a great way to start sending some ripples. And either way you look at it, slacktivism is NINJA1definitely better than no activism.

Be a climate ninja
Maybe you’re trying to cut down your waste, perhaps you’ve begun to eat less meat or you want more bike lanes in your city. Whatever your unique interest let the world know about it. Start a blog, podcast, Youtube channel or Instagram account where people can follow your journey and be inspired.



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