4. Go organic

Organic vegetables

Let’s face it, grocery shopping can be confusing and time consuming. So many different labels and brands to choose from, it’s enough to make you dizzy. But there is an answer. Go organic! It will help you navigate the jungle and help you avoid nasty pesticides at the same time. And guess what? By doing so you get to protect bees, those stripy little guys are are more important than you might realise.

How to make the change
Yep, organic foods can be expensive, so you might not want to go all in. But you can make a difference by swapping just a few key foods to organic. Some of the most important ones in terms of heavy pesticide use are coffee, bananas, grapes, dairy, meat and potatoes. Or just buy as much organic as your wallet allows. Personally, I like to see it as an investment in my health.

Why make the change?
Pesticides used in non-organic farming are a major contributor to the decline of bee populations. And without bees many of our most loved foods will soon disappear. Then there’s our bodies. A revealing experiment by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute showed the scary levels of pesticides that enter our bodies via non-organic food. Although we still know very little about the effects, there have already been many health issues associated with these chemicals. In one highly scandalous case, pesticide exposure was linked to sterility, miscarriages, birth defects and cancer amongst workers at a banana plantation. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to know what happens to my body if I eat those bananas. I highly recommend watching the documentary Bananas if you want to learn more, it makes a great case for buying organic.

NINJA2Be a climate ninja
There are organic alternatives to almost any type of food you can think of. But your local supermarket might not stock it. So whenever you’re lacking something let your local supermarket know. That way the availability of organic foods will continue to rise and potentially the price will go down, so more people will be able to enjoy it.

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