3. Switch to a sustainable bank

Imagine how much money goes into banks every day. What if all that wealth was channeled to banks that invest in truly good companies and causes? Companies that don’t contribute to the use of fossil fuels, gun trading or mass destruction of forests. Imagine the impact that could have. If you have a mortgage on your home you are most likely paying interest. Ever thought about what your bank does with that money?

How to make the change
If you’re a swede you can visit Fair Finance Guide to see how your current bank is performing in environmental and humanitarian issues. The site helps you compare banks and find sustainable alternatives. You can also find Fair Finance Guides for Japan, Holland, Brazil, Belgium, Indonesia and France (hopefully they will add more countries soon). Otherwise, simply Google sustainable banks + the name of your country to find a local option. Keep in mind though that alternative banks are often small and may not provide all the services bigger banks do. One solution could be to use a sustainable bank for some services, like your mortgage or savings, and keep the rest in a regular bank.

Why make the change?
Many of our biggest banks invest in fossil fuel companies and controversial arms trading. And they are not transparent about it so we don’t really know how they spend our money. Sustainable banks often have higher interest rates though, but if you can cover the extra cost this is a switch that sends a clear statement about where you want your money NINJA1to be spent.

Be a climate ninja
This is a shout out to every economist out there who wants to build a banking empire with a conscience; start a sustainable bank. This planet needs more sustainable, transparent banks with good, affordable services and easy-to-use internet solutions. Help make sustainable banking available to all.



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