2. Back to bar soap

Soap always used to be soap, you know in a bar, not all this fancy bottled stuff. But now it’s so easy to fall for the luxurious liquid in its cute bottle with oh-so-convenient pump action. So, I’d like to pay homage to the simple bar of natural soap. Because this humble slab not only helps reduce plastic waste, but also minimises chemicals going into our water and into our bodies.

How to make the change
Avoid liquid hand and body soaps in plastic bottles and try to find an unwrapped soap bar that only contains natural ingredients. For example an olive oil soap (only containing saponified olive oil, water and mineral salts). Use the soap for your body as well as your hands. There are several natural bar soap companies around, try your local heath foods store, or order online. As a bonus olive oil soap is supposed to have various health benefits, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Why make the change?
Because plastic is not fantastic. Read all about it on the zero waste page. Adding to this, minimising the use of chemicals is a good idea for yourself and the planet. Our skin absorbs everything like a sponge and we don’t really know how these chemicals affect our bodies. Especially not so many different chemicals brought together. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate for example, a chemical used in many soaps, is a known skin irritant that has been linked to a range of different skin problems.

NINJA3Be a climate ninja
Going totally soap free is not an option for most of us, especially when it comes to washing our hands, hygiene is still a thing. But unless you’re a miner or a car mechanic your body really doesn’t get all that dirty. So most of the time a quick freshen up with water will do the job. Maybe it’s enough to use soap a couple of times a week. Try what works for you.


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