1. Avoid plastic bottles

Sodas, mineral water and juices on the go. You know the drill. Yes it’s convenient. And in some countries even necessary, since the tap water is not drinkable (which is really sad when you think about it). But even here in Sweden, where we are fortunate enough to have excellent tap water we still buy a lot of bottled water. Why? How is there even a market for this? Maybe on the go, but even then. With a little planning you’d be just fine without it.

How to make the change
When you are at a restaurant ask for tap water (if the water is drinkable). And when traveling, bring your own bottle of water if possible. Avoid unnecessary bottled drinks such as sodas and other sweet drinks. And I know, some people really love their sodas. But maybe you can at least reduce the amount of sodas you drink?  Then it will also feel more like a treat when you actually drink it. Make sure to recycle your bottle when finished.

Why make the change?
Only in America 2.5 million plastic bottles are thrown away every hour (!!!). A lot of the plastic ends up in our oceans, where it has a deadly effect on wildlife. Thousands of seabirds and sea turtles, seals and other marine mammals are killed each year after ingesting plastic or getting entangled in it. Read more about plastic pollution here.

Be a climate ninja
All big cities should have water stations around town where people could fill their empty water bottles up to help minimize the amount of plastic we throw away. Water should be free for everyone, everywhere. Maybe you can raise a petition and send it to your local politicians?


4 thoughts on “1. Avoid plastic bottles

  1. Esther

    Nice idea Ingrid,
    we have many places where you can get your water for free. Water stations, taps, fountains..
    But how? In a plastic cup?
    We could also start taking our own reusable steel bottles form home. As we did in the old days, before the plastic explosion. And people don’t die, if they’re not constantly drinking Coke or water. It is the industry that made us believe, we will die if we don’t have a coffee to go or a plastic water bottle in one hand and a smart phone in the other.
    Have a lovely evening! Esther


    1. Ingrid

      Hi Esther! And thanks for your comment, you are the first one. 🙂 Good to hear that your city has water stations, I actually think we do here in Malmö as well, but they are not so many, and not very visible. Yes, the idea would be that people bring their own bottles to fill up at these water stations. Or just bring water directly from their own home. It takes a little planning of course, but I think it is just a matter of habit. A great evening to you too! /Ingrid

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  2. Therese

    Avoiding plastic bottles is not only good for the environment but also for your health. Studies show that some plastic bottles could release toxins which are linked to hormonal diseases and even cancer. I also recommend reusable steel bottles!

    I like your new blog, great initiative!


    1. Ingrid

      Great point! The biggest realization for me on this sustainability-journey has actually been that almost all the changes I make for the sake of the environment is also good for my health. Directly or indirectly. That also makes it easier to follow through. And – thank you! 🙂


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